Monday, January 21, 2013

Something I'm Really Excited About and A Request for Help

Some of you know how much I adore scrapbooking. I was a traditional paper scrapbooker for many, many years. But, as we had more kids and the pressure of being in school built, I slowly gave up scrapping entirely. I really, really missed it, but I just didn't know how to fit it into my life at the time.

My sister-in-law, with whom I used to "crop", made the transition to digital scrapbooking in 2008. She kept encouraging me to make the transition to digi scrapping. I finally took the plunge and completed my first digital scrapbook page in March of 2011.

Fast forward two years and a few hundred layouts later and I am a devoted digi scrapper. I'll choose digi scrapping over watching TV and several other hobbies that used to claim my time. Don't get me wrong, I still love playing with paper. However, I'm much more likely to save my paper crafting for cards and other projects and leave my scrapbooking pages digital. It's always fun to combine them and create "hybrid" projects that combine digital and traditional supplies.

The whole point of me telling you all of this is share something I'm really excited about. After digi scrapping for a couple of years now, I finally built up my skills and confidence enough to apply for Mye de Leon's creative team. Mye is a brilliant digital scrapbooking kit designer. I really, really love her kits.

Here's the exciting part: I was accepted to Mye's 2013 creative team! For the next year I get the privilege of showing everyone how awesome Mye's digi kits are work with. I'm thrilled. So, instead of creating pages that I only share with my family and those who hang out at the same digi website I do, I'll be much bolder about sharing them with everyone.

Now, here's the request part...

Just after I received the exciting news that I had been accepted to Mye's CT, Mye gave birth to a baby boy.  December 27, 2012 was supposed to be an exciting and happy day for Mye and her family. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a day of shocking news. Mye's son, Alphonse, was born with a heart defect that will require open heart surgery to repair. Without the surgery, he will die. Unfortunately, they are without insurance and will have to raise the $12,500 needed for the surgery on their own. You can read the full details on Mye's blog. The post is called An Innocent Heart.

The digital scrapbooking community has rallied around Mye and her family. They are doing everything they can to help Mye and her family raise the funds they need to save baby Alphonse's life. Over 100 designers have joined together to create a HUGE collaboration digital scrapbooking kit called An Innocent Heart.  It is for sale at my digital scrapbooking home Pixels & Company. All the proceeds from the sales of this kit will go directly to Mye and her family to help them pay for the surgery. If you digital scrapbook at all or have ever considered learning...please buy this kit. JennCK, another digital designer, has also offered all the proceeds from her retiring kits to Mye's son. You can read about that here.

Now, I know there are some of you out there saying, "But, I don't digi scrap!" Never fear, you can still help. Please, please, please consider making a direct contribution at Help Alphonse Get His Surgery. Mye is one of the sweetest people I've gotten to know through digital scrapbooking. Baby Alphonse needs our help.

Thanks for reading my epic post! (Now I just need to update this place...The Baby Boy over there to the left is now two and looks a lot different!)

Good things:
--Digital scrapbooking!!
--New babies.
--The generosity of strangers.

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Chris van Soolen said...

congrats on your new position! I hope you have a lot of fun with it. And I'll remember poor little Alphonse in my prayers :( lots of hugs to him and his momma.


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