Friday, April 9, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday

And I wonder why it is that sometimes we seem to get nowhere... :D This is 'Lashes in early February.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello to all those in blog land...

I've been terribly remiss in my blog writing and reading. I miss it. I shall endeavor to get it together and get posting/reading again. So, don't be too shocked if you find your inbox filled up with comments from me.

One reason I've been rather AWOL is my effort to reclaim my house. I've gotten increasingly stressed over the state of Chez Nous and I'm desperately trying to get us cleaned up and dejunked before the little one arrives. (I don't know it counts as nesting just yet, I'm only 16 weeks, but maybe. Mostly it's an effort to have a place to put said child.) I'm also trying to get my kids more involved in the process. I simply can't do it all by myself. I've also decided that it's really hard to train the kids and myself at the same time. :P

We tried to finish a basement bathroom over RM's Spring Break. We didn't make it. :( So, we'll continue to work on it a bit at a time. Right now I'd rather have RM graduate on time (Summer semester) than have a finished bathroom. We've survived this long, we'll survive a bit longer, even if it does mean we've got traffic jams from time to time.

We are down to the wire for finishing the MS degree. The drop dead date for having everything turned in will be June 21. RM will defend about a week before that. So, for the next couple of months things will be uber crazy. But, I have faith we can do it!!

I promise I'll do better at checking in with bits and pieces of information and hopefully a few pictures from time to time. :D


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