Sunday, February 6, 2011

Watch This

RM and I watched an episode of Nova today that blew my mind. Thought you might enjoy it.

Making Stuff: Smaller


-Advances in science and medicine.

-Time with my hubby, learning together.

-An amazing Father in Heaven that put everything together, nano particle by nano particle.

PS...I added the Good Things to my previous two posts. Gotta do better at remembering those from the start!

Stress Dreams & Statues

About a week ago Bob joined us in our bed during the night. In the morning we had the following conversation.

RM (directed to me): I had the worst stress dreams all night long.

Bob: Me too. Was I in your dreams?

RM: As a matter of fact you were.

Bob: I think we had the same dream. Were you in a pit with snakes in it?


'Lashes (while standing on a chair for a pedestal with his arms posed): I know about statues.

RM: What do you know about statues?

'Lashes: They're real...they're dark and full of yucky. 

-Creative, funny kids.
-Priesthood blessings.
-Knowing my kids aren't too big to come find Mom & Dad when they need comfort.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Still no word...

I haven't done any updating because there really is nothing to update. We haven't heard back one way or the other from the job interview in Michigan as of yet.  We have just four more weeks until the thesis needs to be complete and defended and six weeks before it is due at the editor's. We'll keep you posted as we know stuff.
I do, however, have something Michigan related to share. Some of you may recall the awesome advice I received from our friend Christian about making "Brother of Jared" decisions in your life. Well, Christian not only offers us sage advice, he also keeps us laughing. I just had to share a few thoughts he posted on our Facebook walls. By the way, he doesn't want us to move to Michigan, just in case you can't tell.

5 Reasons that Utah is cooler than Michigan:

5: One third of Michigan is covered in water, which means that kids may need expensive scuba gear just to walk to school.
4: Utah comes from a Native American word meaning "In the tops of the mountains." Michigan sounds like "Meshugana", which means "stark raving looney" in Yiddish.

3: If there's ever a hurricane on Lake Erie, the folks in Michigan will be toast. Utahns, on the other hand, will be completely unaffected by a hurricane on Lake Erie.

2: That Michigan tire guy is pretty creepy...

1: In Utah, you have easy access to literally dozens of beautiful state and national parks. In Michigan, you have easy access to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

5 More reasons that Utah is cooler than Michigan:

5: Utah's offical state fossil is the Allosaurus, while Michigan's official state fossil is the Mastadon. Everyone knows that in a fight, Allosaurus would totally kick Mastadon's butt.
4: Utah has really cool place names such as Kanab, Salina, Tooele, and Panguitch. On the other hand, Lansing, Michigan sounds like the world's largest dermatological procedure. Disgusting, but true.

3: Speeding is against the law in Michigan.

2: Utah is "The Beehive State.": Hard-working, environmentally friendly, productive creatures which work together for the good of the community. Michigan is "The Wolverine State.": Vicious, unwashed, rabid, saber-tooth ratdogs. Which image do you prefer?

1: Michigan will be the first state to be overrun if Canada ever attacks the United States.
Have a great day!
-Friends who make me laugh.
-Following up on a thought and finding out it was a prompting of the Holy Ghost.
-Reading a friend's first novel.
-A brother-in-law who came to my rescue when the sliding door on my van got stuck open while at the grocery store with all the kiddos.


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